October 2018
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Introduction to Insurgent Notes #18

We are pleased to present the new issue of Insurgent Notes.

As has been our practice for most recent issues, the contents include articles that have been previously posted on the website since our last issue was published in May, as well as new ones.

Three of the previously published articles are reviews of Loren Goldner’s collection of essays titled Revolution, Defeat and Theoretical Underdevelopment: Russia, Turkey, Spain, Bolivia—published by Haymarket Books. The three reviewers are Dave Ranney, Wayne Price and S. Artesian.

In addition, Loren Goldner has himself contributed a review of a new book on the profound and all but entirely distressing results of several decades worth of “development” in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We’ve associated two quite different articles in a section titled “Political Notes” because they speak directly to the current situation in the United States. Matthew Lyons analyzes the ways in which the “alt-right” has been set back in the last year and the ways in which they are attempting to figure out what to do next. Don Hamerquist explores the reasons why the revolutionary left has been unable to take advantage of situations and circumstances that would appear to have been quite promising.

We have a number of previously posted reports from around the world—Iran, Mexico, Vietnam and Korea (all previously posted) and one new report on Costa Rica.

Finally, we’re publishing a new essay by John Garvey that is a revised and expanded version of remarks he made at a panel discussion on “What is Socialism” in early September of this year.

We’d like to alert readers to our plans to publish a number of articles in the months to come on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the German Revolution of 1918 and the assassinations of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknect in January 1919. We will not forget!