Issue 22

September 2020

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Discussion: Class Power on Zero-Hours

“The hated, cursed war and the hated, cursed, post-war”: Soldiers Returning from the Western Front

Who Was Karl Marx? In His Own Words

A Letter on George Floyd

Readings from Under the Corona Virus Lockdown

Fragments of the Current Moment

The Editors
The Editors
John Garvey
Don Hamerquist
Gifford Hartman
Dan La Botz is a retired professor of History, Latin American Studies, and most recently Labor Studies at the School of Labor and Urban Studies of the City University of New York (CUNY). He is the author of a dozen books on labor and politics and most recently of a novel titled Trotsky in Tijuana.
Dave Ranney is the author of Living and Dying on the Factory Floors: From the Outside In and the Inside Out (2019) and New World Disorder: The Decline of US Power (2014).
Nick Goodell is an activist and a doctoral student in History at Vanderbilt University.
Jim Henle
Loren Goldner
John Garvey