Issue 17

1968 Special Issue

May 2018

Editorial: Introducing Insurgent Notes on Marx in 1968

Getting to Marxism in Wisconsin and Iowa

Studying Marx

Marx in 1968: Report on a Journey

Baran & Sweezy versus Marx

Marx & Marxism in Berkeley in 1968

From Catholicism and the working class to communism and Marx

Marx in 1968 in France

A Political Education and Militant Intervention Before, During and After May ’68

The Italian Long ’68

My Experiences in 1968 in Working-Class Turin

Marx is dead, long live Marx!

May ’68 in the UK

Marx in Frankfurt in 1968

David Ranney lives on Washington Island in Wisconsin and in Chicago.
Paul Buhle lives in Madison, Wisconsin.
Harvey Goldman lives in San Diego.
Walter Daum
Loren Goldner
John Garvey
Yves Coleman
Jose Chatroussat
Roberto Taddeo
Dante Lepore
Raul Garcia Duran
James Heartfield
Jost Halfmann