Welcome to Insurgent Notes! We’ve prepared this special welcome for individuals who received the leaflet we distributed at the June 14th anti-budget cuts demonstration in lower Manhattan. The leaflet (in English and Spanish) is posted below.
We hope that, after reading the leaflet, you’re interested in finding out more about us. On this site, you’ll find the contents of our first three issues which we’ve published over the last year. Several of the articles directly address the causes of austerity and the limitations of unions in the development of an effective class-wide organization to fight against our current predicament but, more importantly, to go far beyond a restoration of the bad situation we have become accustomed to putting up with. We welcome comments and questions about the leaflet or any of the articles.
We’re also especially interested in hearing from individuals who would like to explore the possibility of developing a new type of organization—for the moment, here in New York City, where most of the editors live—that can begin to develop and implement new forms of action.
In either case, we can be reached at editors@insurgentnotes.com.