The Chinese Working Class in the Global Capitalist Crisis

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  1. vinc,

    Could u please put this on YouTube or something?
    Live stream doesn’t work for me and I would love to watch this video

  2. manuel,

    I think there was a little mistake in 1:35 (aprox) of the video. The subject is the dollars that the chinese have in US treasury bonds. The main idea in this respect was that the US wants/needs that the remnibi reevaluates (or that the US dollar devaluates), so that the bonds of the chinese loose its value. Thats why later exmaples form japan/germany of 1973 and Japan 1980s were mentioned. But the thing is that previously the numbers gave on China were reversed (“7 remnibi to 1 dollar, and imagine if the the remnibi ets to 8 remnibi or so…”). It would be great if Loren or someone could tell if I’m correct….

    greetings from chile

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